Welcome to Sofia Skvortsova Official Website!

You may be wondering who I am, and I want to give you a chance to know me on a more personal level. I'm mixed russian, german and polish descent an February baby born an Aquarius, always full of energy and ready to have a good time in this life. Born and raised in Riga, Latvia.

I kept myself busy and ambitious growing up, always knew my mission and tried to reach my goals on a perfect level. I quickly developed a love for arts & music and took part in activities such as rhytmic gymnastics, martial arts Tae Kwon Do and Tai Ji Quan. In ages 9-13 I remember myself always creating new looks and taking pictures along singing and sound editing. Later this pushed me go further into modeling and dancing.

My grandfather and my uncle are both designers and in my early ages I discovered my attraction to drawing, later in uni I studied web and graphic design, so at the moment I use my experience of making my own style and vision in everything that is connected with image.

My grandmother had a passion of writing poetry and I think I've taken a bit of everybody in my family, expanding my skills into my own production and still discovering myself. Being shy in my childhood stimulated me to achieve my dreams, so gradually I changed into attention-loving person and that motivated me to take part in beauty contests, presenting, magazines, music videos, advertisements.

Always having a passion for travelling, I combined it with my work and had exciting modeling, tv and dancing experience in Eastern Europe, Austria, Spain, Italy, UK and Middle East. I had to follow my instincts and learn to be independent, so I am grateful to my parents that they understood my intentions and always help and support me.

I am energetic, proactive and dynamic being who have come to fully realize the divine potential within my mind, body and soul.